Sims Dentistry in Huntsville and Conroe

Where: “Nature guides function and beauty"



Our Practice Mission Statement:

Our goal is to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect with our patients in order to provide comfortable individualized quality care. Through compassion, respect and functional comprehensive care we guide our patients to a lifetime of optimum health. Our priority is listening to our patients so their comfort and expectations are achieved.  Caring for you is our passion, your health and well being our foremost purpose.


Our Philosophy:

"Restoring Teeth to Their Natural Function and Beauty"

Our philosophy goes beyond “teeth” with the purpose of achieving a delicate balance between nature, health, beauty and your desires.  Teeth serve a functional need in the body’s overall health.  We believe that function is the most important role teeth play in an individuals’ health.  Beauty is important to a person’s self image and happiness.  However, we believe that beauty without function challenges nature and the long term health of the person.  As the forces of nature change our environment so do the forces of the bite change with time and wear.

This philosophy has afforded us the opportunity to provide our patients with comfort while enhancing nature’s design and beauty. 



Our priority is to serve your needs and desires, utilizing paramount knowledge, experience and advanced functional artistic technical skills.



We are committed to earning your trust through positive relationships and would be privileged to serve as a partner in your health care.  Welcome to our peaceful and safe environment!